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Dear Daughter,

You have known me by name, but yet you still do not know me.

When you were little we would talk and dream together, yet now you do not call out my name. I am the author and finisher of your faith.

I am the one who has held your hand when no one was around. I was the one who wiped your tears when others abandoned you. I was the one who spoke truth to you when others scorned you. I am your everything. You can trust me with it all. You are all grown now, yet you are still my girl.

Come to me as a child. Come back to me just like it was before.

I am all powerful. I set things in motion for you. I take care of all your needs. I am capable, all powerful and willing to bring heaven down to earth for you. My dear daughter, come to me and be refreshed. Come to me and drink, drink deeply for my spring of life is never ending.

I love you. I have always loved you. And I will continue to always love you.

I have watched as the enemy has had his way with you. I cried out saying, “Take my hand! Take my hand!” But you did not acknowledge my voice. My heart broke. I cried tears for you and I went to my father in prayer for you. I said, “Mercy Father for they do not know what they are doing. They cannot see what the enemy is doing to them.” My father is merciful and he’s full of kindness. My father’s heart broke when he saw my distress.

So come to me I say and let us be one again!

Let my father render verdicts on your behalf. Cry out to me! Let my father judge the enemy harshly on your behalf. Call on my name! Let our father render righteous verdicts on your behalf. We are not blind. We see it all. But you must come to me. You must let me help you! Come now daughter and do not delay.

The enemy has already stolen so much. Let me redeem the time. Let me change things for you. I will do it.

All you need to do is call on my name.

There is power in my name. Use my name to defend you from the lying cheat that seeks to destroy you. Yell out my name and your enemy’s will scatter. Use my name as a tool to cut through the weeds and webs of lies.

You are always safe with me. You do not have to hide in any shame or guilt. I have new robes for you. I say, “Come out of that cave! Come out of the darkness and back into light!” My dear daughter, come now. Come to me now. I will put a new robe on you and I will care for your and your loved ones. I will also wrap them in the finest linens.

Let us come together again I pray. This day, not tomorrow.

Love you always,
– Jesus

PS You know where to find me. I’ll be there and I will not be late.

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