I didn’t start sewing until I was 34 years old. I didn’t start hand embroidering until I was 39 years old. Yet since then I have completed over 100 projects. Sewing opened a line of communication with the Lord that I had never experienced before. I found myself often saying, “God, what do you want to say today. Or I would say, God, what do you want to create today,” and off we would go. We would create together. I would spend hundreds of hours in my craft room “alone,” but I was never alone.

  • God was there nudging me to keep going.
  • Jesus was there to help me solve problems.
  • Holy Spirit was there to give me creative inspiration.

I learned early on that it was much more fun to create with God than to try to do it alone. In fact, whenever I didn’t invite him into the creative process, the projects never really turned out well.

This is what we’ll do together. As you sew along with me, please know that God will be with us too. As you set your hands to create our next project, I pray that you will tangibly feel the presence of God guiding you and encouraging you along the way.

There was a time when I was intimated by new techniques and projects that I had never created before. I remember a few years ago wanting to create a Roman shade. For literally three years I would browse though Pinterest boards for tips and tricks. Even after reading thorough step-by-step instructions, I decided I couldn’t do it. I was afraid that I would mess it up and yards of fabric would be ruined. So instead, I settled for a faux roman shade.

What’s funny is that creating a faux roman shade is actually one of the easiest things to do, but it turned out horrible. And…it wasn’t where God was nudging me to go. (I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with faux roman shades. In fact, given the application, that technique might be the best solution. But my situation had to do with fear, not making a decision based off of functional needs.)

A few years later, I decided to take an online course. I watched the full course (4+ hours) multiple times before even buying my fabric. In fact, it still took me two years after I purchased the course to actually make my first roman shade. But I started to realize that my hesitation in making the roman shade was taking a nose dive into a partnership with the spirit of fear. I knew I had to draw the line and put an end to it. After all of the quilts, dolls, curtains, pillows I’ve made, it was absolutely ridiculous that I would let fear prevent me from making a roman shade. After all, as I like to say, it’s just fabric and thread. What’s the big deal.

So this is what I did, first, I repented. Oh yes, I repented for allowing fear to prevent me from sewing a roman shade. You may think that this is silly, but let me remind you that the enemy is searching to and from seeking who he can devour. He doesn’t care how he can get in, he just wants in. After I repented, I measured my window a dozen times and set out to order the fabric that I had picked out and really loved for this project two years prior. However, because I had waited so long to order it, it was no longer in production! I was so upset. Because I talk God about everything, I went to him and wailed. “God, why? What am I to do? You know how many hours it took me to find that fabric. I can’t imagine any other fabric looking as good. What am I to do?”

I was beyond frustrated, but decided to stop by one of my favorite local fabric shops. As I walked into the front door, again I approached God on the subject. “God, I just want to find the fabric quick and be on my way.” I walked towards the back of the store and in a bin were a collection of remnant fabric on bolts. My eye fell on one in particular. There didn’t seem to be a whole lot left, but I took it to the counter. It happened to be exactly the amount I needed. I always order a quarter inch more than I need for drapes and it was exactly one quarter more than my measurements. And with my account discount and it being marked down considerably, I only paid $9.00! This is unheard of! I saved myself several hundreds of dollars. It was one of those times when I couldn’t believe it, yet I could believe it because God is God. He is an amazing Father and He showered me with a gift of something that he knew his daughter loves…beautiful fabric.

I take this approach with every single project I work on. No matter the size and no matter who the project is for. God, is with me, He goes before me, and He’s right by my side. He’s with me in Joann Fabrics picking out needles and color coordinating embroider floss and He is with me past midnight when I’m still drumming away at my sewing machine. He is with me and He is with you too!

Will you do life with Him? Will you choose to partner with Him in every aspect of your life? It’s much better that way…

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