First Kid Lead Prayer Zoom

On Sunday, Jan 17, twelve kids gathered for a “kid led” prayer gathering. They were ages 3 – 10. During our gathering we prayed for 3 other children and also talked about, “What happens when we pray?”

I’m a big component of spirit led prayer.

Why? So many times people will send me a prayer request with parameters. (Such as pray that this will happen and then that will happen, oh and don’t forget to pray that this happens first by this date so then this can happen by that date.) Or even I myself will come to the Father with my own agenda. We have all done this right? But when we come to the place that …

  1. God is good all the time,
  2. He has a PERFECT plan, and
  3. He is all powerful

…then I can simply ask God, “What is on your heart? How should I pray?”

So this is where we begin with our kid led prayer group.

I asked, “Kids, what is on God’s heart for this person? What is He saying? How does He want us to pray?”

As they told me the answers to these questions, we added all of their details to the child’s “Heart of God” graphic and then we prayed accordingly. 😉

If your kiddo would like to join us next time, please message me.

If you have a prayer request for a child (or pet) that you would like prayer for, please also let me know.

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