We Lift You Higher Above Any Political Party

King Jesus, we lift you high above any political party!

We lift you higher than any political leader. Lord, you always win. We put our trust in you and you alone. We repent for setting our eyes on a political party or leader to save us. This is your job Lord and rightly so because you win every time! So we crown you with our love King Jesus.

We speak life and prosperity over our land. No more word curses over our land! No more! Regardless of what things to look like in the natural, we continue to sing praises to you because if God is for us, then who can be against us?

Referencing Isaiah 41:21 – God says, present your case Satan and followers of Satan. Present your case….you have no case. Haha, I laugh at you. You think you’re all powerful with your idols. Ha, I laugh at you says the Lord. You are less than nothing Satan, says the Lord.

All…put your faith in Jesus and he alone. Regardless of outward circumstances…in the good times and bad times, put your faith in Him. In victory and in loss, put your faith in Him.

I am so encouraged by the outpouring of God’s spirit on country. Stay encouraged! Whether you’re in victory mode or have feelings of defeat, stay rooted in King Jesus!! And Him alone.

PS – I was so encouraged by Sean Feucht’s worship live recording form November 6, 2020.

High and Lifted Up (King Jesus) – Sean Feucht – Live – Washington, DC – Featuring Meredith Andrews

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