God Is Faithful

Good morning sweet friends!! Thank you for your faithfulness to continue to pray for others (and me too!) while I was away due to illness. Our God is always so faithful! Even though I was sick for months, it was still an incredibly fruitful time and I’m so excited for 2020!!

At the beginning of last year, God gave me this message for our GCC gals. Every year I’d like to post this reminder for us all so we are reminded of how sweet our Heavenly Father is.


Weeks leading up to this event, I started asking God how he wanted to start. What did He want to say? What was His agenda. He simply replied with the word “REST.” So, I rested (meaning I stopped talking to listen) and within minutes He started to download this…

”Reintroduce them to me. Tell them that I love them. Tell them that they are the most precious and beautiful daughters I’ve ever created. Tell them that I’m pleased with them. Tell them that I am a perfect Father and I’ve got them right where they are. I will always hold them gently. I will never forsake them. They can trust me for I am dependable. I am good. I am gracious, AND I am all powerful!!”

Then I saw a vision of Father God reaching out his right arm and beckoning us with his hand—as a parent would to a child. The woman walked to her Father and He embraced her gently at first and then held her warmly and gently rocked her back and forth—with one arm around her back and the other embracing her head.

This my friends, is where we rest. – Much love, Celina Moser Baginski

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