Psalm 144:2 – He’s My Shelter

He’s my shelter of love and my fortress of faith, who wraps himself around me as a secure shield…Psalm 144:2

As I was praying these evening, I could picture in my mind a girl wrapped in a coat such as this. I started to doodle, decided to add flowers, then opened up my Bible to Psalms and I was sure that there would be a related scripture for me. Sure enough, the first chapter I happen to land on is a goodie. I rest in His presence tonight (knowing that he has taken care of all my needs today and will take care of tomorrow’s needs too).
If you have a prayer request, send it our way! We have an amazing group of prayer warriors who scan this board to make sure all of your prayer requests are prayed for + a bunch of other dedicated prayer warriors who have been faithful to jump in and pray year after year!

Our assigned prayer warriors are myself, Tifne Ham Teresa Ann Kristy Orr Tori Kay and Isabella Buckeridge.

Would you like to join our team? We do LOTS of fun stuff – way more than just scanning this board…speaking of which, end of the month we’re putting our prophetic skillsets to practice in a new way by joining Prophetic Finders (a new group that Julie Vanzandt introduced me to – ty Julie!) to laser in and find a sex trafficking group in an identified country with the intent of saving lives!! Pray for us!!
Speaking of prayer…why do we pray? Here’s the simple answer. God gave earth to man to be fruitful and multiply and also to reign over and subdue the enemy – Genesis. When we pray according to our Heavenly Father’s heart, things happen. Assignments are released. God says go! Holy spirit dances and releases impartarions. Jesus assigns Angel’s of restoration, favor, protection, healing, wisdom, discernment, and yes, even financial prosperity. (God doesn’t want His kids to be poor!) So pray! Pray, pray! Learn how to laser focus your prayers by asking God how to pray! This is what the disciples asked Jesus and He gave them what we know today as the Lord’s prayer. I pray this often. Dive into it’s meaning. There’s such richness to be gained.
If you’ve made it this far…here’s another sneak peek! We’re going live in January with multi-location GCC groups joining in for praise and worship, sharing the word of God and what we’re hearing God say today, and making time for prayer and prophetic words and insights. This is completely new territory for us, but we all agree this is one of our next steps and we know God will make a way!!
OK…so if you really are up to reading more…starting in Jan as well we are going to bless 14 under age girls who have been rescued from sex trafficking and currently placed in foster homes. We will be sharing about the organization that is taking care of these girls, praying for them and also giving as God leads. This is an amazing way to help set the captives free and restore our next generation. Which 14 by the way is the Biblical meaning for generations. 🙂 (I love how God also speaks to us through numbers.)

OK, jumping off and heading to bed. I’ve been sick all week, but God has been so faithful and I had all that I needed and was so encouraged by my sweet girlfriends who prayed, text, called, and even sent me lunch!! Ladies, you know who you are!! I also got some meds today and am on the mend…should be…LOL

Goodnight and God bless you and your family. May you forever rest in His peace as you come into the understanding of who you are in Christ Jesus! It was great Godly chit-chatting with you!

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