Sing Praises at All Times

I find singing praises at all times isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to do, but even little praise goes a long way! It fills my soul with joy, diffuses the enemies plans, brings peace to a situation where chaos once ruled, puts things back into their rightful place. Give it a try!!

God gave me a heads up a couple of weeks ago that I would be in a valley, and I am, but I know the drill! Praise Him in the good times and praise Him in the bad times! And when your arms start to get weary (as Moses’s did), lean on your friends (as Moses did!), get your prayer perimiter tent anchored around your home, get into a GCC huddle! LOL So far I’ve gotten through 9 hurdles in two weeks unscathed!! Not super easy, but not too hard either. Plus I also had some incredible testimonies too. I don’t know how long this valley will last (that will accompany testimonies), but I’m sooo thankful for God for just who He is and bringing me the best of friends!!

Get your praise on!

i will singI will sing of His love forever!
Through ups and downs, turns and curves, constantly singing praises to the Lord my God.
Over bumps and hills, still praising, still singing a simple melody.
My praise lifts higher and higher, touching the heavens.
My praise reaches deeper, deeper, touching my soul.
You Lord are my everything. From the time I awake, through the day and even when I sleep – I sing praises to you, King of Kings, my everything.

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