Love – The Greatest Gift

As I was praying and reflecting on the message in verses 1 Corinthianslove the greatest gift 13:1-2 and what that means for me personally and our small, yet powerful group, I realized something…in all of the 7 years that this group site has been running, there has never been any form of anything but love posted on this site. You have always left loving and helpful comments.

EACH OF YOU HAVE SET AN AMAZING STANDARD…any one of us could have the most amazing giftings – in the natural and spirit realm, but if we’re not loving to each other, what’s the point? Did you know that this group site spans tons of churches, multiple religions and ethnicities across the globe? And yet, you have all united as one, presented as the bride of Christ before God. How powerful is that?!

Thank you, thank you for just being you! What an awesome group of women you are!! I’m so proud of you all!!

PS I’m being serious! I belong to many group sites and this one is amazing!!

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