Acts 2:46 – They Broke Bread

Do you get alot of dreams? I sure do! It’s one of the ways that God speaks to me.

For example, these last two mornings in a row, I am awakened fromthey broke bread a dream. As usual, I open messenger to send myself an audio text so I can remember it. Later this morning I looked at my messages and noticed that the audios were both received in my inbox at EXACTLY the same time at 2:46 AM TWO days in a row – even though each audio recording was of different lengths. On both nights I also had two significant dreams.

God tries to get our attention in many, many different ways. If one way doesn’t work, He’ll try another way. Our job is to pay attention!

If you’ve been having dreams and need help with the meaning, let us know! I’m no expert, but I’ve been studying and pressing into the meaning behind dreams for about 8 years now. Most of my dreams are symbolic, even if I have people in my dreams that I know. However, some dreams can also be reality or what’s happening or what will happen. Other dreams are just dreams… 😉 – Acts 2:17

And…Acts 2:46 is a verse that’s at the heart of our GCC gatherings. Notice a trend?? 2:46… 😉 Does it remind you of our GCC theme scripture Hebrews 10:25…now is not the time to stop getting together because we need each other! Sounds like I’m due to host a potluck! LOL

Also make note of numbers!! Do you also see alot of the same number? God speaks through numbers too! That’s actually one of my favorite subjects. It’s so fun!

Can’t wait to hear what dreams YOU’RE getting!

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