Heading back to Wichita!

We’re heading BACK TO WICHITA, KS in 2020!! Who else wants to go??

The lovely ladies in this collage include myself, my sister Amber, Teresa AnnHeidi McDaniel and Carrie Robaina! We had the privilege of hosting at Satin’s home.

For those who were there, do you remember when Jesus showed up? A little girl who sees in the natural saw him..and she went around hugging everyone so they could all feel what it was like and experience a glimpse of what she experienced. And remember when she hugged Kasie Mckay a little differently and we all took note? Oh! Remember our discussion about God speaking to us in numbers and then someone looked up and saw that SatinJanssen’s wedding anniversary was that month too? I think often of the woman who saw Jesus in her mind’s eye for the first time…oh, you knew she saw him, she was speechless! So many memories…

Most of all, this just reminds me that I had to have radical faith to do this…the girl not ever wanting to be in the spotlight. Saying, “Oh, God! Please show up…I can only do this if you fill my mouth your words..because what could I possibly say or do…you only are the extraordinary one.” And now to see what He has done after that first move!!

And for any of you who might think this is nuts…oh, it’s cray-cray that’s for sure! We’re all saying the same thing in my sweet group of intimate friends…”Did that just really happen?? OH MY GOD!!!!!” And then we just start giggling, jumping up and down like we are little girls again. It is just sooo much fun!!

For those who want to sync up with us for a now time radical event, meet us in Detroit! Message me…

  1. I do not have a comment @ the moment instead I have A Prayer request ! there is a senior couple that go to our church
    that have had many afflictions on their health. They r not able come to church often because of that. For now the lady Linda Parker is fighting a very bad Kidney & Bladder infection! She truly needs A Healing Touch From Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. She replied back to me this morning that she has a bad headache & temperature 🙁 Would GCC Pray for A Miraculous Healing for her Intire Being?
    Thank You for your support!
    Love, mom*

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