Looking Back!

One year ago today a bunch of us gals (myself, Teresa AnnCarrie Robaina, and Heidi McDaniel) all flew to Wichita, Ks for our first in-person GCC gathering. Since then we have had a dozen more meetings accross the country and successful established a group in Austin.

But before we set out, I kept praying asking God if I heard Him right. There’s already so many women’s events out there. Why do we need another one? And wow! Now we see…God is raising and establishing a group of women with prophetic voices to minister to each other and to those outside of our circles and it’s been so powerful and amazing!

Two years ago God gave me the words #BetterTogether for our group. Life wasn’t meant to live alone. And it’s the same for our group. One, because we only each see in part. Two, for accountability so that we always remain nose-to-nose with our Father, so that are highest heart’s desire is to just love – as He commanded. And Three, because it’s way more fun!! Did you know that God created us in the first place because He wanted to do life with us? It says so in Genesis.

Thank you to everyone who has rallied behind a prayer request and those who step in for an encouraging word. This group was originally founded on prayer and friendship and it will always remain so.

Much love to you! And as always, never hesitate to reach out if you need prayer and a Word from God!

Look what God can do when we set out to just help a friend – with God’s help of course. I was desparate for you my friend! Love you Miss M!!

PS We’ll be back in Wichita, KS in 2020. 

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