Need a Prayer Perimeter?

Do you need a prayer perimeter?

Last night as my prayer group was praying (GCC women located across the country), I saw an image of us holding hands and securing a perimeter around the person we were praying for.

Then this AM, I saw a prophetic word come through via email and part of it said, “Set up around your life and your loved ones a “prayer perimeter.” I thought that was cool because it provided the words to what I saw.

When we meet at our GCC gatherings we do this and we’ve termed it the “GCC Huddle”, but we can do this through FB too!

We have capacity to form a prayer team around three (3) women this month and three (3) more in November. At that time, we’ll setup a private FB chat with you and only the prayer team. Only a very high level prayer request is needed (key areas you need help with) and we’ll begin to pray. We’ll use that private chat area to send you words that the team has gotten, visions, etc. What’s cool is that you’ll be able to reference back to it at anytime to remind yourself of what God said!

So put your name in the comments section below and we’ll schedule in that order!

We do this often anyway, but this is our first time bringing a little more formality to it in the online space. This will also help our prayer team be more flexible too because we’re not scheduling a time for a conference call.

If you would like to be on our GCC prayer team (which requires one to spend a lot of one-on-one with Jesus in your private life), let us know! We’d love to meet you! We will be posting details about a retreat next year just for our leaders.

We look forward to praying with you and seeing what He’s got to say! 😉 This is always a lot of fun for us because we get to hear Him in new ways all the time!!

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