Halloween Thank You & Bless Cards

Sharing with you free Halloween Thank You & Bless Cards. This is something that we’ve been doing with Chaser from the beginning. Sharing my thoughts on Halloween below…


Flipping a moment into the unconventional by taking a night of fear and partnering with GOD’s PERFECT LOVE in the form of these simple downloadable and printable cards; turning it from a night of Halloween to a night of Happy Harvest.


I’m not into decorating my home with witches, ghosts, black spiders, graves, and figures with blood oozing out of their faces and so on (or letting our son dress up like this)… However, I am all about celebrating each other. It’s yet another time we can come together as friends to enjoy each other’s company, lots of candy and treats, lots of laughter watching the little ones run around in their costumes, blessing each other and enjoying life!

It’s very simple…if you want more peace in your home, don’t put scary stuff on your front porch. God doesn’t reside in the scary stuff. Anything that is fear based is simply not of God. Thinking that the “scary stuff” is just for fun…well, now that’s the real illusion. I’m speaking from honest, tangible experience. I’ve seen it in real life – angels and demons – and please believe me when I say that there are no good witches or friendly ghosts.

And you don’t have to be scared of letting your kids participate in dressing up and going door to door either! If you’re kiddo is however scared, that’s different. Don’t make them go up to that house! They’re probably discerning something that you cannot see for yourself. You can however say, “Do you believe you’re a child of God? Do you believe God protects you and is with you? Do you want to give it another try and give them your TY & God Bless Card?” If this is enough to encourage them, then go for it. If they’re still too scared, skip that house! But in general, arm them with TRUTH and send them out! It’s great training for the real world. In all situations, they can learn to be the light in the world – because they carry the light – which is God himself.

Halloween is an awesome opportunity to walk up to each neighbor’s home, shake their hand and bless them!! And as a side note…if you do put this in practice, you will have the most amazing experiences. We’ve done this in several neighborhoods and I’ve seen people cry, sit on their front porch continuing to stare in awe of our little guy, my husband once got candy too because the lady was so blessed (which my husband loved), neighbors shouted across the street saying, “Give Chase extra candy!”, huge smiles, and so many said, “Wow! No one has every given me something on Halloween!” And like the Cheers sitcom’s theme song…now everyone knows your name.

I encourage you to take this all back to God for yourself! Ask Him what you should do for your family. At the end of the day, it’s between you and Him. Let God be your guide. Ask for wisdom and discernment so that you may be successful!

1 John 4:18

1 John 4:1

Matthew 7:7


PS Every year I start out with saying, “Here’s to my most controversial post of the year.” This year, I end it with that intro.


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