Better Together Fall Mug

Can you picture you and your best friend on this mug together? I have various hair/skin options that I can use to customize to look like youbetter together and your bestie! I can also further personalize with names. It makes for the sweetest gift!

This mug is up on my shop with mine and a friend’s logo on it. (I created it for Teresa and I because we started a fun project together that I’ll release soon.) But if you want one with your personalized details, message me and I’ll draft up a design file for you – of course at no extra cost for GCC gals. 😉 Just let me know through FB!
At this time, I can only do two gals on this mug – unless they’re duplicated with similar clothing…but working on another that will have the option of adding lots more gals!

better togetherI’ve kept the cost as low as possible on my site because my drop shipper charges about $5 to ship it. I think I make $2 on it! LOL But I love the smiles it brings to people’s faces when when receive them. Always fun to spread good cheer (aka the gospel).

PS This is our Godly Chitchat motto – We’re #BetterTogether when we’re anchored in truth.
PSS I made my behind look bigger than my friend’s…now that’s a good friend if I might brag for a moment!! Truely…I would NOT have done that 10 years ago…I would have digitally shrunk my tush big time!!

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