God Brings Unity In My Marriage!

God brings unity in my marriage! My husband and I first started out as friends. We always had a ton of fun just exploring Colorado (where we lived at the time) and our conversations were easy. We always seemed to be on the same page in most subjects. However, soon after into our relationship we started to experience some struggles…as is normal…it’s called life. He started experiencing cluster headaches. We had a business partner who didn’t pay us many months of wages (right before we left for our wedding which we were paying for). Another company went bankrupt and didn’t pay. We got pregnant and a few months in found out our baby boy had some bladder and kidney complications. I was sick throughout and then before our son was 1 years of age I was diagnosed with cancer. Throw in a few moves as well and life was stressful.

We found ourselves experiencing disagreements that we really didn’t even understand to begin with. We’ve never been yellers, but I found myself just not wanting to be around my husband as before. So I was constantly hanging out in a different room and making plans which didn’t involve him. We didn’t feel like friends anymore. However, something happened a few months after I first began working on being a best friend to God.

One day in particular, we were all outside talking about landscaping. I was sitting on a bench under a tree and Todd was playing with our son. My husband all of a sudden said something that rubbed me the wrong way. But immediately after he said it, I heard – seriously almost in an audible voice – another man’s voice that re-said my husband’s words, but he injected one additional word. First, I must admit that my jaw probably dropped open as I was shocked that I heard that voice. It was as though someone was sitting next to me on my right. Was it Holy Spirit or an angel? I’m not sure, however that one word completely changed how I had received my husband’s message.

When I heard what my husband had said again, but was translated in this new way (by one small word), my countenance entirely changed. I was actually able to see into my husband’s heart and what he said turned into a compliment (which was his original intent), versus a criticism which is how I initially took it. How cool is that? I never asked God to translate my husband’s message for me. However, I was just visiting with Him earlier that day and I was in tune to continue hearing His voice. Out of an overflow of being God’s friend, He showed up and helped me in my marriage.

What’s funny is that a week or so later I told my husband what had happened over lunch. He chuckled and said, “It’s nice to know someone was sticking up for me! I wondered why you all of a sudden got so nice!!” LOL Well, there you have it…

You see, my husband is God’s child too. His desire is that we are in unity with each other. God has helped us in so many ways! This is just one example of God showing up in my marriage.

How has God shown up in your marriage?

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