God Brings Laughter Into My Home

God brings laughter into my home! May I be honest? It’s been less than two years that I truly started shifting my prayers from my needs to saying, “God, what do you want to talk about?” What’s so cool however is that even though my prayer list got shorter, God ended up meeting ALL OF MY REQUESTS!

God knows my needs, my desires and He knows all of the requests that I get from women to pray for. Even when someone asks me to pray for them, instead of starting in with my agenda, I stop and ask God how He wants me to pray for them.

Laughter was an overflow when I just became God’s friend. It took about 8 months of pressing in and then all of a sudden I started to laugh! My family started to laugh too! Even when I was going through a trial, I found myself laughing in the middle of it because I KNEW it would end soon because I TRUSTED GOD because I FINALLY KNEW HIM! Don’t misunderstand, I still don’t know all the full height, width, depth, length of God’s love, but I’m on the right path.

Even when there is a little strife in my home (which is not anything like it was before), so many times I just pray under my breath not saying anything to anyone knowing that in a minute or so we’ll be back to joy. How cool is that??!! I mean seriously, don’t you feel like you could tackle anything in life as long as there was laughter in your home (between you and your spouse and children)?

Before the laughter erupted, I must be honest by saying that there was some purging that God did first. The purging was with me…fixing me…not anyone else. But saying yes and surrendering without a fight will get you so much closer to your joy breakthrough.

So how do you get started?

1. Quickly get to a quiet space. Honestly, this can even look like – you’re in the grocery parking lot and every kid is strapped in their car seat with devices keeping them busy.

In this place you just start telling God how awesome He is. This aligns with the Lord’s prayer – remember the one where the disciples said to Jesus, “How should we pray.” (Our Father who is in heaven, hallowed be your name.) Say, “God, you are so good to me. God, you are so powerful. God, you are so wise. God, you are so kind.”

2. Next, just say, God (insert Jesus or Holy Spirit here too), “I’m here. I’m ready to hear from You. I’m ready to be your friend. Please forgive me for not being in partnership with you. But I’m here now. Will you show up? Can I hear your voice? Jesus, can you show me where you are in this place?”

3. Then wait….

4. Repeat.

If you’ve never done this before, I’m so excited to hear what this is like for you!! Let us know in the comments below.

Much love to you! – Celina

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