God Brings Me Best Friends!

God brings me best friends! God knows how valuable friendship is. Way back in Genesis, the Bible says that God desired companionship and so he created man. If we are made in His image (as the Bible also states), we were made to want best friends too! Because God knows us so intimately, He knows what type of friends we need and who we would enjoy the most. He also desires that we reciprocate and get to know Him intimately as well.

After choosing to live the GCC way with a few close friends – fixing our hearts and minds on God – we are all closer than ever! We do life together practically every day. There’s LOTS of laughter – usually at ourselves, LOTS of love and just plain joy! One day when we were together at a restaurant, a woman who was with a few others stopped by and said, “I want what you have. Your laughter is so contagious!”

It’s like Sex and the City, 90210, Three’s Company, or Seinfeld Show truly at its best! Or maybe we’re just the Three Stooges…LOL…which is fine because that’s a lot of fun too! You get my drift, it’s FUN when you’re with your best girlfriends!!

I must be honest, having this gift first it starts with Him. We can be best friends to others when we’re anchored in Christ because then we won’t have unrealistic expectations on each other and we see each other as God sees us. There has never been a better time to fix out hearts and minds on Him.

If you too desire close girlfriend relationships – the type of best friends that are dramatized in movies and books – let us know! After this 14 day series, we’re going to setup a program to start connecting others personally. We’ll start with assigning prayer partners and we’ll go from there as God leads. When I first started GCC Small Groups, I heard God loud and clear in my spirit and in my mind. He said, “Leave no woman behind.” That is what myself, Teresa and Tifne are set out to do. As God directs our steps, we leave no woman behind.

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