Two days ago I asked on the GCC FB Group site, “Have you spent time with Jesus today?” It’s a really important question and I hope that you’ll read on.

One year ago I had an unexpected and powerful God encounter. If I had any doubts in my mind at all if God was really real, cared for me, was powerful, was good, or anything else, it all vanished that evening – actually when the encounter ended and I looked at the clock it was 4:14 AM. It was a lasting encounter that set me off on a journey and level of commitment to spend time with Him every day and many times throughout the day. I committed at that moment to truly become God’s friend. I wanted to be close to Him just to be with Him. However, an overflow of becoming really good friends with Him completely changed me and my family. My family didn’t make this same commitment – they were not also awakened early in the morning and it was not something that I advertised, rather it was a commitment I made with my own personal time with Him. However, God blessed them without me even asking for it. Every request that I had ever made to him or not even mentioned was met. We’ve never been more happy or have had more peace in our lives and all sorts of blessings too long to list on this post.

So for the next 14 days, I’ll be sharing with you immediate benefits of doing life with God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. I hope that in doing so that you too will be intrigued to become God’s friend too. I hope so, because then you’ll find for yourself that life is truly at its best when you’re doing life with Him (or should I say “them” ;-).

Godly Chitchat is built on the foundation that we are #BetterTogether with God – and with each other when we are anchored in His truths.

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Hello my sweet Chase! This is your mom's portfolio. The day you were born, I discovered a new side of creativity that I didn't know existed in me! I have especially enjoyed designing your bedrooms, toys, and birthday parties. You are such a God-kiss. Every day I thank Him for YOU! My son, you are more precious than silver, more costly than gold, more beautiful than diamonds. We love you!