One Hour Makes All The Difference

One hour makes all of the difference…This post is about GCC and our everyday life as Christian women.

I love finding number correlations in the Bible. It’s a fun way to study the Bible and for me it’s like a treasure hunt. For example, compare Mark 13:37 and 14:37. In both scriptures there’s a reference to one hour.

And what I say to the four of you, I say to everyone—be awake at all times! – Matthew 13:37

Then he came back to his three disciples and found them all sound asleep. He awakened Peter and said to him, “Simon, are you asleep? Do you lack the strength to stay awake with me for even just an hour? – Mark 14:37

Yesterday, my friend Teresa sent a text to myself and our friend Tifne (host of the Austin GCC’s) at 4:05AM EST. God had woke her up and she sent us a message telling us what it was about. God also woke Tifne up at that same hour. I had a significant dream and then God woke me up one hour later. I looked at my phone knowing there would be significance with the time. And sure enough, I sent a text reply back to her at exactly 5:05AM. I heard the Holy Spirit prompt me saying, “It’s time. Now is the hour.” I had been in intercessory prayer over a particular situation and I knew at that moment that I was to press in through prayer because it was time for BREAKTHROUGH! And let’s just say that the particular issue I had been praying for is no longer an issue! LOL!! Isn’t God good?

Back in January, I came across Matthew 26:36-46 in the passion translation. It’s the story about Jesus with his three disciples the night before his crucifixion. Verse 38 in particular really got to me! I was prepping for the children’s ministry at church and I saw as though I was there, Jesus in anguish knowing what was before him. And he said to them, “My heart is overwhelmed and crushed with grief. It feels as though I’m dying. Stay here and keep watch with me.” – Matthew 26:38 TPT

In fact, when I went up to give our church an overview of God’s heart for Godly Chitchat in Cincinnati (we were just kicking it off here in town), I could barely speak! I was so choked up!! My Jesus, my Jesus! May I never be the one who rejects you when you need me most!

In an instant, I knew that’s what GCC is all about. Jesus NEEDS us to be there for his sisters. Jesus needs you and I to stand in the gap for each other even if it’s only for just an hour.

When we gather for GCC we settle in with some yummies and coffee, but then we dive into worship, reflection and journaling. Afterwards we gather in what we’re calling a “GCC Huddle.” It’s super awesome. It’s a group of women who all flow in their spiritual gifts (prophetic, visions, words of knowledge, words of wisdom) who gather around someone who wants prayer. In a very short time, God begins to “chat.” And when HE CHATS, oh boy….that’s when it gets really fun. The women being prayed for will be given God messages right then and there. So if you’ve had unanswered prayers, need direction, need breakthrough, need healing, just need to hear God’s voice and see Jesus face-to-face, then come to Godly Chitchat.

Tonight is our last Cincinnati gathering for this year. We might schedule one or two ad hoc meetings, but then we’ll resume in January 2010.

Austin, TX kicks off their monthly GCC gatherings beginning of August. **If you would like to start a group in your area, just message me and a team of us will come to you!!**

Overflow Church
9361 Montgomery Rd suite g, Cincinnati, OH 45242
Doors open at 6PM. Party starts at 6:30PM. We’ll be there as long as we need to be!

  1. Hi MiMi”s, today is DEC 3rd,2019
    u might want to check ur godly chit chat words of testimonies, i was able to read a couple
    but there were a couple that would not open, it would just send me back to where i started.
    love, mom

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