Christmas 2017

Dear Chaser,

In 2017, your grandparents (Papa & Bita) came to see us. They also brought Cousin Deucey (a nickname for our other Westie Deuce) with them. This was the year that you vividly remember me “breaking” your Lego train set because I was trying to recreate the William Sonoma animated cake train. This was also the year that Dad and you started to get most excited about your career in Christmas Lights designer. After Christmas, you bought Jimmy with your own money for $30 on clearance. Jimmy proved to become the friend of the neighborhood the year after.

For months leading up to the holiday, I had my eye on William Sonoma’s Nordic train cake pan. I fell in love with this image I saw on their Instagram page. (See above on the left.) They had animated their ad and I was mesmerized! The little cake trains were actually moving around the tree! After telling Dad all about it, he suggested that I take the tops off of your Lego train and put the little train cakes on top of it to get the “animation” effect that I was dreaming about. It sounded like a fabulous idea and I was super excited.

Unfortunately, your Lego trains started to fall apart as I tried to ease off the tops and just leave the base and wheels behind. I thought it would have been so simple too! But sadly, it was not and you just about went postal on me in the process. I don’t think I had ever seen you in such a panic!

You kept yelling, “She’s ruining my train! She’s ruining my train!”

I desperately tried to put the Lego train back together, but I kept making it worse – resulting in louder cries and more tears from you. Fortunately, Dad got it put back together. I really didn’t have much time to put icing on the train cakes because family was on their way over. So here’s my grand picture: your Lego train in motion around the table and train cakes piled on plates. Sigh…





A tradition we’ve had since you were two is to put a decorated tree in your bedroom. Years prior, we would setup our little mini tree, but this year you got the medium-sized tree in your room! In addition, we setup the Department 56 Mill Creek (with a sprinkle of water) on your dresser. Here you are adding a bit more water to the water fall. You love this set!

PS Hoping I can actually get moulding and your drapes finished up in your room this year! I’m getting closer though; your mural is finished though! (It’s already 2019 as I type this up.)

I love all of our little traditions with you sweet boy! You make Christmas fun!!

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