Baby Whale Clutch

God knows I LOVE bags, totes and basically anything to put stuff in!

One evening I got out my sketch pad and drew a series of ocean and God-inspired designs. In an instant, I knew a perfect application would be on a clutch. They have since become part of my “Anchored In Truth” line of products and have also been featured on my “Color Me” mugs. At some point I hope to turn these one-of-a-kind clutches into kits. But for now, you can buy a few that I’ve already made on my shopping site. I get the best compliments when I use mine!

One of my favorite designs is of this little baby whale. As soon as I drew him, I knew in an instant that he must be a little boy whale. I love hand-stitching our this design. Every time I reach for my clutch, I’m reminded of my little boy and his love for sea life animals.

Psalm 145:16 – “You open your hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing.”

Even this sweet little baby whale knows that God meets all of his needs.

PS This would make for a great baby boy nursery gift, wouldn’t it!? It reminds me of my Chaser.

Want To Buy?

I currently have one of these clutch’s available for purchase now on my shopping site. Click here to buy this sweet bag.

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