William Sonoma Bundt Cake

My favorite photo from this is the William’s Sonoma Chocolate Bundt Cake box with a post-it note from Dad that simply reads, “URGENT.” LOL Basically, I went a little too long between the day that I purchased the cake to actually making it.

When something is urgent, Dad leaves a note.

Chaser and I both love Williams Sonoma and now Dad is a big fan too. At least once-a-month, Chaser and I make a visit to the mall. Our tradition is,

  1. Walk through the entrance next to Pottery Barn Kids.
  2. Go directly to the Lego Store.
  3. Dig in mom’s wallet for change and buy some Mike-and-Ikes next door. (Leave some change in the turning thingy for someone else.)
  4. Head straight to Williams Sonoma.
  5. Have lunch at Red Robin.
  6. Walk back out of the mall through the Pottery Barn Kids store.

It’s very important to Chase and I that we stick to this tradition. LOL We make jokes out of it actually. Sometimes we’ll slip in an extra store here and there, but that’s pretty much it!

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