Mom! I Dare You!

Last Sunday at the Red’s game, Chase said, “Mom! I dare you to pray that there’s a fly ball and I catch it!!” His request completely caught me off guard, yet my heart leaped for joy…my boy believes in the power of prayer!!! LOL

As I’ve been praying for your kiddos for the new school year, it’s been amazing to feel and see God’s love for them! Know that they are covered in His protection. He sends his best angels to guard them. (Although they’re technically all the best because God made them!) I’ve been praying for great excitement and anticipation for great things to come. I’ve also been praying for the right best friends for each of them and that they all walk in peace knowing they have a BIG PAPA in heaven watching over them.

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Hello my sweet Chase! This is your mom's portfolio. The day you were born, I discovered a new side of creativity that I didn't know existed in me! I have especially enjoyed designing your bedrooms, toys, and birthday parties. You are such a God-kiss. Every day I thank Him for YOU! My son, you are more precious than silver, more costly than gold, more beautiful than diamonds. We love you!