Ocean Room for My Little Boy

My little guy LOVES ocean life! I designed this room just for him. When we moved, he wanted the same design again. I’ve really had fun with this design. I designed his curtains, painted the mural, made a custom pillow and made custom stuffed toys!

The ship portholes were designs by Elephants On the Wall. I also used a club house theme for Chase’s bedroom when he was a baby (we’ve moved a lot!). It was so much work, but it was darling! In fact, painting that mural was what got me started in home decorating. I fell in love with process of creating thoughtful and detailed children’s rooms. My interests ventured outside of kid rooms and I’ve been inspired daily by interior decorating ever since! You can still purchase the design from their website. They ship you a large printout with transfer sheets. You have to draw over the design to transfer the lines and then paint within the lines.

The main design is by My Wonderful Walls. They ship you sticky stencils that you stick to your walls to either first trace or paint over. (If you have knockdown plaster on your walls, I would suggest first using a pencil to trace in the design and then use a small soft bristled brush to paint within the lines. This will help to create a smooth edge. Fortunately in the first room I painted this in we had plastered walls and his bedroom now just has flat walls.) You can add shadowing and other affects to create a custom look. In Chase’s second bedroom, I also added a faux wood wallpaper to half of his walls for a different effect. You can still purchase these stencils on their website.

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Hello my sweet Chase! This is your mom's portfolio. The day you were born, I discovered a new side of creativity that I didn't know existed in me! I have especially enjoyed designing your bedrooms, toys, and birthday parties. You are such a God-kiss. Every day I thank Him for YOU! My son, you are more precious than silver, more costly than gold, more beautiful than diamonds. We love you!