Reflecting About Austin

Reflecting about this weekend. It was though a movie played before my eyes. First, I saw my friend Teresa and I laughing in the car as we were about to drive to our next destination. I lingered there for a while, then memory after memory quickly played before my eyes.

I saw Jesus kneeling before a woman. He presented a ring to the woman and reintroducing himself to her. Her hands flew to her cheeks in shock and then she said yes. Jesus stood and embraced her. For another, I saw him place a crown upon her head. Then he circled around to see her from the front and declared that her new jewels looked good on her. I saw him face-to-face with another and without even saying a word, in an instant she threw her arms around him and buried her head in his chest without hesitation. He was so happy! I saw him open his arms while women ran to him and he embraced them all. Even little birds flew over and landed on his arms.

With my head in my hands, tears of wonder and amazement flowing, I then saw him standing beside me with his arm draped over my shoulders. My left shoulder felt warm. My computer chimed and an email came through from Frontier Airlines. It said, “thanks for flying!”

Then he took me to other places. I saw where he was when my son was at a splash pad playing with a friend while I was presenting at GCC. I saw where he was back home with my husband as he rested on the couch watching TV and his tablet in his lap. I saw where he was in my parent’s home, in the living room and in the midst of it all. I saw where he was with my sister as she ran laps training for her next marathon; standing in one spot and pleased every time her lap brought her closer to him. (Precious to me because he was showing me that while I was out doing what he called me to do, he was taking care of my family.)

Jesus, my friend, thank you for showing up. You always do. With all of my heart, thank you. – Celina

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