Other Side Of The Storm

Today during my son’s school chapel, the speaker told the story of how Jesus calmed the storm. When we step into the boat to cross the lake, at first we’re optimistic and ready for the cruise. Yet when storms hit and were rocked (or thrown) back and forth, sometimes it’s hard to see how we’ll actually make it to the other side. But we cannot let go of our faith and maintaining our peace.
I find this to also be true for fasting. Sometimes even out of the gate, I’m already feeling intimidated. However, I know what’s accross the lake, on the other side of the storm: breakthrough/answered prayer/more anointing behind my prayers, etc. And all of this equals Jesus. So my eyes stay fixed on his.
Whatever storm you’re in right now, rebuke the storm and declare peace. Tell the waves how big your God is! Anticipate and get excited for your next victory!!
Ephesians 4:14

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