Assignment For GCC

Last year God gave me an assignnent for GCC. I replied, “God, if I step out in faith and do as you have instructed, will you show up when I pray for these women? That’s all I ask…when I pray and introduce them to you, will you reveal yourself to them? You’ll go before me right? You won’t leave me hanging right?”…pause…He replied almost audibly, “For every women who shows up, I will meet her. For every woman that you pray for to specifically see Jesus and to hear my voice, they will see and hear. ” OK, I said, “I’ll do it.”

I chuckle now at my prayer…I simply just didn’t know who God was. Because of course He would show up. Why wouldn’t He?

God has kept His word EVERY SINGLE TIME! Women who have been prayed for who couldn’t see Jesus before in her mind…now can see. And some in the natural realm too!! Say what?? We say, “Jesus, please reveal to us where you are. What are you doing to protect her? Or where are you in the room? Can we see your face?” And oh wow…

You see, the greatest thing I can do for you is to introduce (or reintroduce) you to Jesus. Because from that place of intimacy is where relationship forms. From that relationship the miraculous occurs. Faith soars and mountains move. Depression, anxiety, fear, physical pain, poverty, sickness all begin to crumble…yes, every single time.

I wish I had a staff to help me keep up with the communications of ALL of the miracles we’ve seen. Teresa Ann and I are so excited, we just can’t keep from laughing, jumping up and down, then crying because we’re so honored, then we start laughing again, and then there’s no words because we cannot describe how good, awesome and all-powerful God is!!

Here’s a quick summary of what’s coming up
? Summer is fast approaching and we’ll be kicking off another 6 Week Summer Bible Study Series. Last year we had over 140 participants.
? I’m heading to TX end of June to start up a physical GCC gathering. Leaders are being trained up now. If you’re interested in learning more, message me.
? Logistics haven’t been finalized, but we are kicking off a “Skype” GCC ministry. So if you have a few friends that you’d like to gather in your area, we’ll have key leaders on our end and together we’ll host GCC just for you. Message me if you want to learn more and get involved.
? We need someone who is interested in getting involved by interviewing people accross the country who have been blessed by GCC and post testimonials on social media outlets.
? For the last 5 months, we have been doing a lot of phone prayer ministry. If you need prayer, we can setup a call with 2-3 GCC leaders and together we’ll see what God is saying. Message me personally if you need help in this way.
? And….For the last 6 months I’ve been creating devotional craft kits through Pearls In Bloom that we are launching in late June/July. Testing and video tutorial production is currently in progress. We’ve started with three pillow embroidery kits. These will make awesome activities for girlfriend gatherings, church women’s groups or personal devotional quiet time! Message me to learn more!

Have an incredible day today! Invite God to walk with you!

Much Love,
– Celina

1 Corinthians 3:12-14

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