Today’s My Anniversary

Today is my 11th wedding anniversary. Sharing with you a few scriptures that are meaningful to me specifically for my marriage.

1. Wow! My love for my husband should have nothing to do with what he does for me or how he treats me – I love because I’m grateful that God FIRST loved me. It was by no accident that Todd is my husband. ?

SCRIPTURE: Our love for others is our grateful response to the love God first demonstrated to us. – 1 John 4:19 TPT

2. I am “CONVINCED” that God will deliver according to his “ABUNDANT” riches already revealed and continuing to be revealed to me through Jesus Christ. Do you know you serve a very, very rich God? Do you know you cannot bankrupt heaven??

SCRIPTURE: I am convinced that my God will fully satisfy every need you have, for I have seen the abundant riches of glory revealed to me through the Anointed One, Jesus Christ! – Philippians 4:19 TPT

3. My husband and I are both evangelists by nature. Meaning we share what we believe in because we love people and we want the same good life for them too. It’s been amazing what God is doing with Godly Chitchat and Pearls in Bloom so far. And I am so blessed and honored that my husband came along side wholeheartedly through our foster journey and I love the way he continues to love on kids through all of his child-focused volunteer efforts. He’s an amazing man and together we’re pretty good too! LOL?

SCRIPTURE: Jesus called out to them and said, “Come and follow me, and I will transform you into men who catch people for God.” – Matthew 4:19 TPT

Claim these for you too!!

Photo just taken yesterday. Spring his here!!

And…apparently it’s our 11th and not our 10th! Todd is the math genius in the family.

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Hello my sweet Chase! This is your mom's portfolio. The day you were born, I discovered a new side of creativity that I didn't know existed in me! I have especially enjoyed designing your bedrooms, toys, and birthday parties. You are such a God-kiss. Every day I thank Him for YOU! My son, you are more precious than silver, more costly than gold, more beautiful than diamonds. We love you!