Reflecting On Our First Cincy GCC Gathering

In February 2019 we started up a physical Godly Chitchat (GCC) gathering in Cincinnati, OH. It’s a 6-month series meeting the last Thursday of the month at Overflow Church Cincinnati. We have women gathered from multiple churches and multiple backgrounds.

Today (4/9/19) as I was reflecting on this unique group of women that God has begun to gather in Cincy, I heard Him speak.

He said, “There are many women who have been hurt by other women. Some have already been healed, others still have open wounds. Yet, this group [who are gathering in Cincinnati] represent women at their best. They represent what happens when the anointing is present and what can be accomplished when we’re focused on our creator and ‘Godly chitchatting’.”

It’s so true…when was the last time you had a group of women all praying for you – all who flow in their heavenly spiritual gifts. It’s years of the benefits of therapy delivered within minutes. Pain is washed away. Answers provided. Healing received. The miraculous happens.

I once was given a vision that GCC is a gold glittering package wrapped in the most beautiful bow and presented to His daughters. Will you receive it?

I ask you today, find someone to pray for. Intercede for others who don’t even know that you’re praying for them. Find someone to pray for and be somebody’s BEST FRIEND.

Bless you,
Celina Moser Baginski

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