How Godly Chitchat Got Started

Godly Chitchat all started when two girlfriends chose to refocus every phone call into Godly chit chat. When we shared our struggles of life injustices and curve balls, the other person was there to encourage by re-painting the situation from God’s perspective. Even as I write this, I realize that it wasn’t just the two of us on those phone calls, it was three, for God was there too.

We would laugh and cry, solve mysteries, get inspired, and always walk away from the conversation better off than we were before. Every conversation brought us closer to the realization and understanding that we really are daughters of an unwavering God who passionately loves us – and who also happens to have of deep pockets of resources and power of which is at our disposal when we are in need.

If you desire close relationships with women (who love God) and desire to know your heavenly Father in an intimate way, join us the last Thursday’s of the month in Cincinnati at 6:30PM. Godly Chitchat Cincinnati is kicking off a 6-month series at Overflow Church. 9361 Montgomery Rd, Suite G, Cincinnati, OH.

A little more details about us: Teresa Ann and I have been friends for 31+ years!! The last 10 years or so is when we “flipped our script” and started participating in life-giving, Godly chitchatting – instead of typical conversations that so many have. If you’re not in the Cincinnati area, but would still like to be involved, join us in conversation at We’ve had this group site together for about 7 years now!!

(Photo Credits: That photo of Teresa and I was taken in 2018 at Carine’s photo booth during her Exhilaration Tour Concert. To learn more about Carine Music and her upcoming Praizey events, click here!)

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