Don’t Call Tyrone!

A recent comment was made on a thread that said, “If we could handle this life without God, then Jesus didn’t need to die.” Thank you Priscilla Porter!

This video is a funny reminder, but yet so true! Cast ALL of your cares on Jesus! He can handle it all and he’s also able [has the ability] to meet ALL of your needs. I’ve been walking through my days lately constantly checking in. I’ve got one of those months where nothing can slip through the cracks (large event I’m organizing, plus the rest of my responsibilities) and I know from experience that he’s my best assistant!

Watch this with your kids…my son and I will often yell out, “Call Jesus! Don’t call [we insert a bunch of different names], call Jesus!” It’s a fun way to share the message that Jesus is the only one who can really help!

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