The Bible – Your Study Guide For Life

Make time to read! The Bible is your study guide for life. It’s a living, breathing word that provides all the answers and inspiration you crave. As you read, He will download even more revelation to you and your dialogue with Him will lead to a deeper relationship with your best friend!

Currently reading Mark 6:45-52. The disciples did not understand (at that time) that they too had the power to rebuke the stormy wind and sail through to the other side. They had just witnessed prior the miracle of bread multiplying in THEIR hands. At the time they didn’t get that this illustrated the power they also had through Christ and that they could use that same miraculous power in other circumstances. But Jesus is patient and a great teacher!! I also loved how Jesus “could see” them in the storm and he came to them. (Jesus was so far away from them on the shore, there was no way he could have seen them – so this too was a miracle.)

He’s still the same guy. He sees when we’re in the midst of trouble and He comes to us. Will we recognize Him for who He is or see Him as a ghost and pass Him by?

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